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How ICT is evolving Indian education system

However, there are many hurdles for its successful integration By Raunak Jain, Managing Director of Tula’s International School Indian education system is evolving in many ways, owing to the advancement of technology as well as rapid change of mentality of the people of all segment

Changing the face of India Education using ICT tools

India is emerging as an economic powerhouse and it cannot function without the support of ICT BY RAUNAK JAIN  Indian Education system is at crossroads. Technological advancements coupled with social changes have lead to a shift in the thinking of society at large. Government has

Advantages of an ICT-based curriculum for young minds

by KIWAMI The beauty of learning lies in its flexibility, adaptability, and innovation, to enhance faculty of imbibing and utilizing to an optimal level. With added technological intervention a paradigm shift is being noted in the terms of creating new avenues to quality education. Today,

ICT revolutionizes education in India

  by Mr Vinay Goyal Director, SRS International School  India takes a significant position in the global education industry, as it houses one of the largest higher education systems in the world. Nevertheless, there is a great deal of potential for further development in the education