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Try this! Researchers devise better recommendation algorithm

Approach should work especially well when ratings data is “sparse.”  BY LARRY HARDESTY, MIT NEWS CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — The recommendation systems at websites such as Amazon and Netflix use a technique called “collaborative filtering.” To determine what products a given customer might like, they look for

Our hairy insides

Engineers predict how flowing fluid will bend tiny hairs that line blood vessels and intestines BY JENNIFER CHU, MIT NEWS CAMBRIDGE, MA — Our bodies are lined on the inside with soft, microscopic carpets of hair, from the grassy extensions on our tastebuds, to fuzzy

Entrance test to IITs will go online from next year

The entrance examination to India’s premier engineering colleges will completely go online from 2018. Admissions to Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are all set to digitalise from the next academic year. According to a meeting held at IIT Madras on August 20, 2017, the Joint

Engineers exhibit incredible creativity

Engineers exhibit incredible creativity when confronted with the challenges of modern life. The more complexity involved in a problem, the more creativity is needed in searching for the best solution Of all the occupation to choose, in the vibrant country, the path of engineering witnesses