Education: Time for a change?

January 13, 2020 Karishmma V Mangal 0

Teachers must make their lectures more interactive by involving as much student participation as possible

The education industry in India was estimated to be US$ 91.7 billion in FY 18 …

Radioactive Phenomena – Alpha Decay

May 19, 2019 EP Staff 0

Radioactivity is a phenomenon discovered by the French scientist Henri Becquerel using phosphorescent materials. Radioactivity is also known as radioactive decay or nuclear decay.  Let us know more about radioactivity …

Challenges faced in educational franchising

December 28, 2017 EP Staff 0

A brand recognition value can be well solidified through a thoroughly thought-out franchise plane

By Vinay Goyal

team-2954004_960_720Education industry can be safely termed as an evergreen industry with its popularity …

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