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Radioactive Phenomena – Alpha Decay

Radioactivity is a phenomenon discovered by the French scientist Henri Becquerel using phosphorescent materials. Radioactivity is also known as radioactive decay or nuclear decay.  Let us know more about radioactivity and its types. Nuclear instability gives rise to radioactivity where an unstable atomic nucleus loses

Challenges faced in educational franchising

A brand recognition value can be well solidified through a thoroughly thought-out franchise plane By Vinay Goyal Education industry can be safely termed as an evergreen industry with its popularity in an constant growth spurt. This can be contributed to the fact that proper education

How ICT is evolving Indian education system

However, there are many hurdles for its successful integration By Raunak Jain, Managing Director of Tula’s International School Indian education system is evolving in many ways, owing to the advancement of technology as well as rapid change of mentality of the people of all segment

Why ‘Total Quality Management’ matters in education

We should implement the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM) in our education sector  Today we live in a competitive era where academic excellence and career success have become the end goal of life. Today’s corporate world demands highly qualified and skilled manpower to get the

Challenges before Punjab’s education sector

 BY RAUNAK JAIN Education has continued to evolve, and widen its reach and coverage since the dawn of human history. It lays down the path to positively achieve desired goals in life. It plays a crucial role in socio-economic and political transformation of a country