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Facebook backs Indian food-tech startup TastySpots

Kerala-based food-tech startup TastySpots has been selected for FbStart, a global startup accelerator program initiated by tech giant Facebook to help early-stage mobile startups. As part of the prestigious program, TastySpots has received around $80,000 (about Rs 52 lakh) as credits and services from Facebook and its partners,

Driverless platoons

Analysis finds autonomous trucks that drive in packs could save time and fuel by Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — As driverless cars merge into our transportation system in the coming years, some researchers believe autonomous vehicles may save fuel by trailing each other

 Issues about ecology, environment essential to art: Ravi Agarwal

Artist, environmentalist speaks on the sidelines of Kochi-Muziris Biennale Kochi: Artists have an important role in creating awareness about the destructive relationship between humans and nature that is triggering ecological disasters and can even lead to civilisational loss if not immediately rectified, says Ravi Agarwal,

Making big data manageable

Technique shrinks data sets while preserving their fundamental mathematical relationships Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — One way to handle big data is to shrink it. If you can identify a small subset of your data set that preserves its salient mathematical relationships, you

Evaluating voter experience

Wait times at polls in 2016 election improved in several key states, new survey results show by Abby Abazorius, MIT News Office CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — While many voters reported long lines at polling locations around the country during the 2012 presidential election, this year the overall

Learning words from pictures

System correlates recorded speech with images, could lead to fully automated speech recognition by Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Speech recognition systems, such as those that convert speech to text on cellphones, are generally the result of machine learning. A computer pores through

Yoga must be a part of daily training of sportspersons: Vijay Goel

Yoga must be a part of daily training of sportspersons that would boost their endurance levels and concentration: Vijay Goel Renowned Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev here yesterday (11 December, 2016) called on Minister for Youth Affairs & Sports Vijay Goel at his residence . They discussed