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‘India advocates for transparency in school education system’

New Delhi:   Anil Swarup, Secretary, School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Human Resource Development has urged schools to be transparent in their undertakings at a workshop conducted by the FICCI Alliance for Re-Imagining School Education – FICCI Arise. The workshop was organized to deliberate on

‘Basic data skills are becoming indispensable for a wider set of roles’

Udacity has launched Data Foundation Nanodegree Foundation certification New Delhi: Targeting students, and working professionals, Udacity, the silicon-valley based online learning platform, has announced the launch of its Data Foundation Nanodegree Foundation Certification. “The company is primarily targeting engineering students and working professionals who are interested into the field

‘We are now driven by data, emerging technologies are omnipotent today’

“As automation replaces operational jobs and traditional IT requirements, IT companies that have not embraced these emerging technologies are beginning to see receding guidance” We are on the brink of a technology revolution spearheaded by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (MI).

Drones relay RFID signals for inventory control

System could save retailers billions lost through faulty inventory records BY LARRY HARDESTY, MIT NEWS CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Radio frequency ID tags were supposed to revolutionize supply chain management. The dirt-cheap, battery-free tags, which receive power wirelessly from scanners and then broadcast identifying numbers, enable

Our hairy insides

Engineers predict how flowing fluid will bend tiny hairs that line blood vessels and intestines BY JENNIFER CHU, MIT NEWS CAMBRIDGE, MA — Our bodies are lined on the inside with soft, microscopic carpets of hair, from the grassy extensions on our tastebuds, to fuzzy