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How to float your coffee creamer

Study explains how droplets can “levitate” on liquid surfaces BY JENNIFER, CHU, MIT NEWS  CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — A drop or two of cold cream in hot coffee can go a long way toward improving one’s morning. But what if the two liquids didn’t mix? MIT

Crowdsourcing big-data analysis

Web-based system automatically evaluates proposals from far-flung data scientists BY LARRY HARDESTY, MIT NEWS CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — In the analysis of big data sets, the first step is usually the identification of “features” — data points with particular predictive power or analytic utility. Choosing features usually

New software lets your car tell you what it needs

MIT team develops software that can tell if tires need air, spark plugs are bad, or air filter needs replacing BY DAVID L CHANDLER, MIT NEWS CAMBRIDGE, Mass — Imagine hopping into a ride-share car, glancing at your smartphone, and telling the driver that the

Selective memory

Scheme would make new high-capacity data caches 33 to 50 percent more efficient BY LARRY HARDESTY, MIT NEWS CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — In a traditional computer, a microprocessor is mounted on a “package,” a small circuit board with a grid of electrical leads on its bottom.

‘Need of the hour: Choreographers & storytellers, not program managers

>>At ‘Future Unlocked’, the Digital Summit organized by students of the Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management (EPGP) of IIM Bangalore, industry leaders discuss the seismic shifts in the crafting of digital strategies Digital Summit 2017, organized by the students of the one-year full-time Executive

Book on Business Analytics by IIMB faculty released on Oct 14

>>Prof. U. Dinesh Kumar was launched at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore on Saturday (Oct 14). ‘Business Analytics – The Science of Data-Driven Decision Making’ by Prof. U. Dinesh Kumar explores how analytics creates opportunities for new businesses and lends them vital sustainable competitive advantages  Enriched by

UPES students represent India at Moon-Mars exploratory mission in Poland

>>The mission’s aim was to evaluate the joint human and robotic surface operations on the Mars and Lunar surface.   Two Aerospace Engineering students of UPES represented India at the Poland Mars Analogue Simulation (PMAS) 2017, organized by the Space Exploration Project Group in collaboration with

Flexible sensors can detect movement in GI tract

Ingestible devices could diagnose gastrointestinal slowdown or monitor food intake BY ANNE TRAFTON, MIT NEWS CAMBRIDGE, MA – Researchers at MIT and Brigham and Women’s Hospital have built a flexible sensor that can be rolled up and swallowed. Upon ingestion, the sensor adheres to the