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Come…let’s escape with ESCAPE!

Everyone loves to travel, passionate about exploring new places, energetic about having fun with the unexpected experiences a journey offers. Experiencing new tastes and move on with the nature might be in the dreams of all. Women must have special attachment to the journeys they

Divya S Menon has no life without music

Divya S Menon, a noted playback singer in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu languages, says she cannot imagine a life without music. Love for music is the single passion that drives Divya.  Hailing from Thrissur district of Kerala, Divya shares her musical thoughts with The Education

#Women’sDay special: Sangeeta’s life is all about music

Sangeeta Nair, a Cochin-based singer, started learning Carnatic music only after her marriage. But, with her undiluted passion towards music, she’s aiming to reach new heights with some noble thoughts. Never lured by the awards or money that music offers, she thinks people should listen