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Transgender mother to build home for the kids of sex workers

Transgenders and sex workers are the two most common categories of people found in India, who are being subjected to inhuman treatments from various corners of society. They face all kind of harassment, negligence and pestering from the Indian society for the still unknown reasons.

Here comes the ‘Kerala Flipkart’

Binoop Bhaskar comes up with an online market place for social enterprises It’s all about entrepreneurship and passion, and that factors in Binoop Bhaskar eventually resulted in the establishment of, which is touted as the Kerala version of Flipkart. Binoop Bhaskar, a native of

Perfect: Kalpit Veerwal scored 360/360 in JEE Mains

This boy from Rajasthan has scored 360 marks out of 360 in the Joint Entrance Examinations (JEE) Mains, creating history. Kalpit Veerwal is the son of Pushpendra, a nurse, and Pushpa, a teacher. Now, Kalpit can get in any of the top engineering institutes in

BDS topper’s dance recital enthralls audience 

It’s rare to see someone excelling in the study of modern medical science as well as Indian classical dance as the two fields require entirely different talent, training and skills. However, 21-year-old Puja Sabherwal achieved this rare feat with her splendorous dance recital at the

Hats off to Siva Raj, for this school for the underprivileged

Education is the most vital thing in defining a person’s character. Education also serves as the stepping stone to a successful life. But, there lakhs of children in India are still living without proper education facilities. Many NGOs have worked on this matter in order

Come…let’s escape with ESCAPE!

Everyone loves to travel, passionate about exploring new places, energetic about having fun with the unexpected experiences a journey offers. Experiencing new tastes and move on with the nature might be in the dreams of all. Women must have special attachment to the journeys they

Divya S Menon has no life without music

Divya S Menon, a noted playback singer in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu languages, says she cannot imagine a life without music. Love for music is the single passion that drives Divya.  Hailing from Thrissur district of Kerala, Divya shares her musical thoughts with The Education