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Study suggests method to boost growth of blood vessels and muscle

>>Activating proteins linked to longevity may help to increase endurance and combat frailty in the elderly. As we get older, our endurance declines, in part because our blood vessels lose some of their capacity to deliver oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue. An MIT-led research

Depth-sensing imaging system can peer through fog

>>Computational photography could solve a problem that bedevils self-driving cars MIT researchers have developed a system that can produce images of objects shrouded by fog so thick that human vision can’t penetrate it. It can also gauge the objects’ distance. An inability to handle misty

Scientists find seismic imaging is blind to water

Findings may lead scientists to reinterpret seismic maps of the Earth’s interior CAMBRIDGE, MASS.–When an earthquake strikes, nearby seismometers pick up its vibrations in the form of seismic waves. In addition to revealing the epicenter of a quake, seismic waves can give scientists a way

Evading in-flight lightning strikes

>>MIT study shows electrically charging planes would reduce their risk of being struck by lightning Aviation experts estimate that every commercial airplane in the world is struck by lightning at least once per year. Around 90 percent of these strikes are likely triggered by the

MIT and newly formed company launch novel approach to fusion power

>>Goal is for research to produce a working pilot plant within 15 years Progress toward the long-sought dream of fusion power — potentially an inexhaustible and zero-carbon source of energy — could be about to take a dramatic leap forward. Development of this carbon-free, combustion-free source

Insulator or superconductor? Physicists find graphene is both

>>When rotated at a “magic angle,” graphene sheets can form an insulator or a superconductor It’s hard to believe that a single material can be described by as many superlatives as graphene can. Since its discovery in 2004, scientists have found that the lacy, honeycomb-like

MIT launches Task Force on the Work of the Future

>>Institute-wide effort will study the evolution of jobs in an age of technological advancement Today MIT launched its Task Force on the Work of the Future, an Institute-wide effort to understand and shape the evolution of jobs during an age of innovation. The task force’s

The writing on the wall

>>Did humans speak through cave art? New paper links ancient drawings and language’s origins When and where did humans develop language? To find out, look deep inside caves, suggests an MIT professor. More precisely, some specific features of cave art may provide clues about how

Scientists deliver high-resolution glimpse of enzyme structure

>>New finding suggests differences in how humans and bacteria control production of DNA’s building blocks Using a state-of-the-art type of electron microscopy, an MIT-led team has discovered the structure of an enzyme that is crucial for maintaining an adequate supply of DNA building blocks in