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Reducing false positives in credit card fraud detection

>>Model extracts granular behavioral patterns from transaction data to more accurately flag suspicious activity Have you ever used your credit card at a new store or location only to have it declined? Has a sale ever been blocked because you charged a higher amount than

New battery gobbles up carbon dioxide

>>Lithium-based battery could make use of greenhouse gas before it ever gets into the atmosphere A new type of battery developed by researchers at MIT could be made partly from carbon dioxide captured from power plants. Rather than attempting to convert carbon dioxide to specialized

What makes an educational video game work well?

>>MIT designers explain their philosophy in a new book, “Resonant Games” To succeed at “Lure of the Labyrinth,” a video game created by designers in MIT’s Education Arcade, players rescue pets from an underground lair inhabited by monsters. In so doing, they solve mathematical puzzles,

Book explores milestones of astronomical discovery

>>In “Dispatches from Planet 3,” Marcia Bartusiak illuminates overlooked breakthroughs and the people who made them Here’s quick rule of thumb about the universe: Everything old is new again. Those materials being used when new stars or planets form are just recycled cosmic matter, after

Helping computers fill in the gaps between video frames

>>Machine learning system efficiently recognizes activities by observing how objects change in only a few key frames Given only a few frames of a video, humans can usually surmise what is happening and will happen on screen. If we see an early frame of stacked

Smoothing out sketches’ rough edges

>>MIT-developed tool improves automated image vectorization, saving digital artists time and effort Artists may soon have at their disposal a new MIT-developed tool that could help them create digital characters, logos, and other graphics more quickly and easily. Many digital artists rely on image vectorization,