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Six ways to boost employee engagement

This article sets out six easily integrated steps that can improve employee engagement throughout any organization Employee engagement is a major factor in a company’s revenue and retention metrics. Poor engagement results in lower rates for both measurements. Meanwhile, personally invested employees lead to higher

Cloud Computing:  A promising specialization in the new IT world

By Pradipto Chakrabarty >>  As India gets increasingly digitalized, Cloud computing is evolving beyond basics and becoming the engine of enterprise technology innovation, bringing in new job opportunities to those skilled in this area Cloud computing, in layman’s language, refers to running workloads over the

Cyber Security jobs now at premium as India goes digital

A requirement for qualified cyber security professionals is becoming challenging for enterprises as enterprises now demand an in-house army of cyber security specialists By Ashish Agarwal India is primed to witness a bracing change as the Indian government has successively dipped their toes into the

What is the Legacy you would like to leave behind?

Great Leaders think about legacy all the while -it’s something that keeps them awake at night!  BY SUNANDAN BHANJA CHAUDHURY We all have an opportunity to make a difference! Difference to something that will linger long after you are gone! In the corporate world,which is rapidly