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Things are changing rapidly in the education sector

by Arun Jagannathan Even a decade back, learning in India meant that you attended a regular classroom session, and post classes, if you needed more clarification, you’d either have to wait till the next class, or you’d have to run to the library for extra

Tackling diabetes naturally with yoga

by Dr Nisha Mnikantan Diabetes is a multi factorial disorder essentially resulting from lack of proper exercise, inappropriate food habits etc. Modern day ‘stress’ only aggravates the challenge. All these aspects point to ‘life style’. Besides medical attention, addressing life style is of paramount importance. With

Will the future of education be hi-tech?

Let us start by understanding what exactly has changed in the mode of education, say primary education, over last 100 years. The hardboards got replaced with blackboard and then white boards, and then with smarter ones; the chalk gave way to the stylus and now

Top 10 Jobs to explore in 2016 for millenials

India has become the hub for design outsourcing by Kunal Sen Research finds that Millennials born between 1981 and 2000, make for top-notch product designers, store promoters, and research specialists. Most employers are well aware that the problem isn’t so much attracting Millennials as it is

The present is the future

The need of the hour is to introduce re-skilling programmes for the graduates in order for them to keep pace with the changing patterns of demand for skills by Jebamalai Vinanchiarachi The idea that present is the future entails that  what we do today determines

Provider, improve thyself

Study shows unlicensed health care practitioners in India improve with modest training by Peter Dizikes, MIT News Office CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — In the developing world, a large portion of health care providers have no formal medical training. Now a new study of rural India, co-authored by