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Examining the Singapore Education Industry

Source The educational system in Singapore brings to the fore awesome opportunities for its students, offering various choices in preschool, primary, secondary, and post-secondary education. Even if your children attend private schools, it is worth taking a closer look at the public educational system in

Study: Democracy fosters economic growth

>>Researchers find vast gains in productivity after countries democratize As long as democracy has existed, there have been democracy skeptics — from Plato warning of mass rule to contemporary critics claiming authoritarian regimes can fast-track economic programs. But a new study co-authored by an MIT

Work Opportunities While Studying at Duke University

Let us now understand what work-study programme is and how it helps you in getting jobs while studying at Duke University Duke University is famous to provide best quality education to the students all over the world. Its reputation as an academic and research powerhouse

Writing Tips You’d Appreciate as a Freshman

Writing skills can be learned and mastered just like any other skills, but you’ll need a lot of practice. Your first college paper could be a complete disaster, but if you practice a lot and write regularly, you will eventually learn to create powerful papers