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India applies sin tax on sweetened carbonated beverages

40% tax on colas to discourage consumption and protect health New Delhi:  The Indian government has introduced sin taxes on sweetened carbonated beverages (SCBs) such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi because of the negative health impacts of products with high sugar content. The sin tax was

Medical education: spoiler alert!!!

BY DR. SUPRIYA INGLE Entire nation was confused and disoriented when news like Patients beating doctors, doctors going on strike without caring for common people, government made compulsory to all doctors to practice in the rural area and on and on were making headlines. Everybody

HLL Lifecare Limited is promoting healthy menstruation practices in schools

HLL, a Kerala-based company, is going to implement ‘She-Pad’ project in Kerala schools by mid-August with an aim to promote healthy menstruation practices in schools Thiruvananthapuram: Here’s a commendable initiative from a Kerala-based company to promote healthy menstruation practices. HLL Lifecare Limited (HLL) has teamed