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Art a satyagraha against simplification, totalisation: Ashok Vajpeyi

Noted poet was panelist in KBF-Kerala Tourism seminar, inaugurated by President of India, that emphasised promotion of the sustainability of the arts and the preservation of cultural pluralities Kochi: Asserting the role of the arts as an integral cultural indicator, renowned poets Ashok Vajpeyi and

Book review: ‘Come, Let’s Start a Business’

Sudheer Babu has succeeded in presenting the complicated management principles in a simple way that every class of reader can conceive it easily In Kerala’s literary space, books on management are rare. Only a few authors have tried a hand at penning credible and comprehensive

Poem: In my dreams

by Parvathi Vinod With a bouquet of flowers From heaven You came before me For a moment in ablaze Abound with love In deep heart core With a sought of candour It was you The most beautiful creation of god With a melodious music With a

This breakup photoshoot is breaking the internet

Two high school sweet hearts had gone for a breakup photoshoot, and it went viral on the social media. Breaking-up is something hard for any one, and people used to deal with it in different ways. Here, Harrison and Jackie had gone for a photoshoot

Mahashivratri special, Baahubali 2 just released new poster

On  Mahashivratri, here comes the new poster of Baahubali 2. The team has just released a superb poster of the sequel to Baahubali, one of the most successful films in the history of Indian cinema. The poster is trending on twitter. The film is directed by

Iconic German video artist Marcel Odenbach’s works screened at Biennale

Kochi: Over the course of an engrossing evening conversation here on Wednesday, Marcel Odenbach – one of Germany’s foremost video artists – expounded on infusing art history, meaning-making and architectural aesthetics into his over four-decade-long artistic practice. An architect by training, Odenbach went on to