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Identifying artificial intelligence “blind spots”

>>Model identifies instances when autonomous systems have learned from examples that may cause dangerous errors in the real world A novel model developed by MIT and Microsoft researchers identifies instances in which autonomous systems have “learned” from training examples that don’t match what’s actually happening

Democratizing data science

>>Tool for nonstatisticians automatically generates models that glean insights from complex datasets MIT researchers are hoping to advance the democratization of data science with a new tool for nonstatisticians that automatically generates models for analyzing raw data. Democratizing data science is the notion that anyone,

How writing technology shaped classical thinking

>>Stephanie Frampton’s new book explores the written word in the Roman world The Roman poet Lucretius’ epic work “De rerum natura,” or “On the Nature of Things,” is the oldest surviving scientific treatise written in Latin. Composed around 55 B.C.E., the text is a lengthy

DNA design that anyone can do

>>Computer program can translate a free-form 2-D drawing into a DNA structure   Researchers at MIT and Arizona State University have designed a computer program that allows users to translate any free-form drawing into a two-dimensional, nanoscale structure made of DNA. Until now, designing such