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People power

>>State-level policy in the U.S. is responsive to public opinion, study shows In politics, your voices make a difference. At least at the state level of U.S. politics, that is. A new study co-authored by an MIT political scientist shows that state policies in the

For food-aid recipients, information is power

>>A simple card explaining a government aid program leads to more rice for poor villagers in Indonesia. Even for poor villagers in rural Indonesia, information is power. That is the implication of a newly published study co-authored by MIT economists, which finds that recipients of

Protecting confidentiality in genomic studies

>>Cryptographic system could enable “crowdsourced” genomics, with volunteers contributing information to privacy-protected databases. Genome-wide association studies, which look for links between particular genetic variants and incidence of disease, are the basis of much modern biomedical research. But databases of genomic information pose privacy risks. From

Untangling DNA knots

Chemical engineers discover how to control knots that form in DNA molecules CAMBRIDGE, MA — Just like any long polymer chain, DNA tends to form knots. Using technology that allows them to stretch DNA molecules and image the behavior of these knots, MIT researchers have

A graphene roll-out

>>Scalable manufacturing process spools out strips of graphene for use in ultrathin membranes MIT engineers have developed a continuous manufacturing process that produces long strips of high-quality graphene. The team’s results are the first demonstration of an industrial, scalable method for manufacturing high-quality graphene that

Brewing up Earth’s earliest life

Large concentrations of sulfites and bisulfites in shallow lakes may have set the stage for Earth’s first biological molecules CAMBRIDGE, MASS.–Around 4 billion years ago, Earth was an inhospitable place, devoid of oxygen, bursting with volcanic eruptions, and bombarded by asteroids, with no signs of