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XLRI Summer Internship 2016

Largest ever batch size of 361 gets placed in record time of 2.5 days.  This year saw steep rise in the stipends being offered across all sectors in summer internships. XLRI successfully continued its parallel placement process – ‘Parivartan’, for students willing to work with social sector

The present is the future

The need of the hour is to introduce re-skilling programmes for the graduates in order for them to keep pace with the changing patterns of demand for skills by Jebamalai Vinanchiarachi The idea that present is the future entails that  what we do today determines

Stretchy optical fibers for implanting in the body

Biocompatible fibers could use light to stimulate cells or sense signs of disease by Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Researchers from MIT and Harvard Medical School have developed a biocompatible and highly stretchable optical fiber made from hydrogel — an elastic, rubbery material

Ecommerce in education

The cars have started driving themselves, colonies on Mars are no longer fantastic fiction, Virtual world is real, tricorders and communicators are facts, yet millions of children still remain unenrolled in schools and of those in school still learn through methods from their grandparent’s era.

E-Leaders workshop conducted at IMS Noida

Noida: IMS Noida, one of the leading management institutes of India organised a two day Entrepreneurship Leaders (E Leaders) Workshop recently. This workshop was conducted in collaboration with National Entrepreneurship Network. Thirty students from more than 12 institutes such as IMS Noida, Jaipuria Institute of