Update on measures being taken by B-school Goa Institute of Management in light of COVID-19

The measures have been put down in consultation with the resident doctors on campus

Leading B-school Goa Institute of Management (GIM) is taking the following measures in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. The measures have been put down in consultation with the resident doctors on campus, state health department and WHO guidelines to protect the entire community at the B-school facility.

  • The second-year students completed their course and had left for their home towns last month. The students who are presently on campus are in their final week of examinations. Students presently on campus have been instructed not to exit the campus under any circumstances. Written permission is to be sought of the hostel wardens to leave the campus
  • All classes of the PGDM-PT (part-time MBA programme) which is conducted on weekends stand cancelled from 15 to 31 March.
  • In case any student has symptoms of the flu, they are to immediately inform the respective head of department. The HOD in consultation with the Dean academics will recommend whether the student should be allowed to answer the exam (in a separate exam room) or be exempt from taking the exam (and organize a separate examination at a later date).
  • If any person is sick or displaying symptoms of any illness, the Dean and Director is to be informed. The doctors available on campus will evaluate the situation and suggest the way forward
  •  A larger amount of space is being maintained between students in examination halls. Halls are being sanitized before and after examinations. 
  • Invigilation duties are not assigned to faculty aged above 60 years of age and any faculty/ staff who have any history of cardiac disease, diabetes or any respiratory condition like asthma. These faculty and staff are more vulnerable and hence they have avoided putting them at risk.
  • All non-essential meetings are to be conducted via skype, telephone or other modes that do not require physical contact.
  • GIM has  initiated the ‘Work from Home’ process for over 70% of the employees which especially include faculty and staff who travel to the campus so that they do not need to put themselves at risk. Faculty have been advised not to travel outstation during these days.
  • Any employee who is sick should stay home. This is intended to keep sick or potentially sick people away from campus, so that it will remain safer for those who must continue to report to campus for their jobs.
  • The leadership team at GIM will continue to come to report to work as they are an essential part of all major decision-making processes in times of such emergencies.
  •  Faculty members in respective areas may communicate electronically to coordinate the course planning across programmes to ensure course planning is completed as per schedule.

The Health Care Management faculty conducted a short training program in the local language for the entire housekeeping staff of 47 people on hygiene and sanitation measures to be taken.

  • A short survey is being conducted to gauge the exposure/ risk of each of the employees.
  • Annual convocation is postpone it to a later date when normalcy resumes.
  •  GIM has also cancelled all international student exchange visits through the summer of 2020
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