How To Get the Right Apps to Help With Your Math Homework

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Learning mathematics does not have to be boring as it used to be. These tools can be used to become better at solving math problems

I’ve been looking for the best way to solve mathematical problems especially to help with my kids’ homework. As I was browsing through, I came across a list of apps that were designed to help with math homework.

List of Great Multiplication Table Apps

Let’s explore some of them and understand how these tools can be used to become better at solving math problems.

Improve mental calculations with interactive exercises

In addition to the traditional methods of calculation, certain memorization tricks can help improve mental mathematic skills too. Traditional methods can be quite overwhelming for certain kids and as such there should be more interactive ways to help solve math problems. They are also not designed well to help students fully comprehend the mechanism behind solving these problems too. As such, parents should explore mobile apps that can help get better at mental math techniques.

It will also help students create a strong foundational knowledge and easily grasp various mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These will also help improve the completion times for various quizzes, assignments, mad-minutes and unit tests. Additionally, mental calculations can also help students become more efficient and thereby improve their confidence to obtain higher test scores.

Coordinate with other students to play large multiplication games

Learning multiplication tables can be quite a boring task for most students and as such, teachers have constantly been looking for interactive ways to make it more interesting. With the use of mobile apps, it can help teachers use technology to create more engagement among students. There are links to helpful websites for teachers in addition to entertaining games that are designed to make learning multiplication tables more interesting.

Teachers could utilize technology to encourage learning in today’s youth in various ways. In addition to learning mathematics using computers, teachers are also encouraging students to get familiar with the latest technology too. Additionally, it is a more interactive way to build their math skills as opposed to getting students to watch the teacher write complex problems in a whiteboard that is less effective. Math games on mobile apps are a fun way to set them up for success in math and in life.

Use standard calculator apps to solve complex multiplication problems

Sometimes, if you are teaching students in higher grades, you are likely to teach them more complex mathematical problems which may require the need for a calculator. You can drastically improve your students’ speed and efficiency by equipping them with interactive calculators that help solve complex formulae etc. You can also use more advanced calculators that have complex functionalities depending on the requirement.

Certain mobile apps also provide instructions on how to solve the problems. This eliminates the need for the teacher to guide the students in person as the app will have most of the information. This way, it also encourages students to learn them on the go.

You could also use some of the calculators that allow you to store formulae that you would otherwise have had to memorize. It makes it much easier for students to use such apps and it also encourages further learning.


Learning mathematics does not have to be boring as it used to be. Nowadays, there are many options for students and teachers to take advantage of the various apps available to make the subject more fun and interactive. Gone are the days when teachers used to provide multiplication problems for students to solve them manually. However, nowadays there are different types of calculators that can solve complex problems at the tap of a few buttons.

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