Son gifts mother a new chance at life:

>>Dr. Fayaz has saved many lives but never imagined how this act would come back to him as a blessing during the toughest time of his life

Dr. Fayaz has saved many lives but never imagined how this act would come back to him as a blessing during the toughest time of his life. When his mother was diagnosed with liver failure, the young doctor at Thiruvananthapuram medical college emerged as a matching donor, but the total treatment expense of 40 Lakh was impossible to arrange as urgently as the life-saving transplant was required. His friend started an online fundraiser on Milaap, South Asia’s largest crowdfunding platform and the support that started pouring in was overwhelming. His friends and well-wishers together contributed as much as they could to help the doctor, and like a miracle, they managed to raise the entire amount required for the treatment. Doctor Fayaz’s mother successfully underwent the transplant and his mother is slowly recovering now.

More and more people are now using online crowdfunding platforms like Milaap for funding medical bills. “Treatment, no matter how expensive is crucial. It is impossible to let a financial constraint deter anybody from wanting the best in healthcare for their loved ones, and everybody deserves that chance. Recently,  a fundraiser was also initiated for popular Malayalam and Tamil actress Saranya Shashi who has undergone 7 brain surgeries in the past 5 years. It would be difficult for anybody to arrange for several lakh required for such complicated treatment during pressing times like these, and there is no harm in reaching out and asking for help. We have been doing it offline forever, so if there is a better chance online, why not?” says Anoj Viswanathan, President and co-founder, Milaap.

In the aftermath of Kerala stopping a potentially huge threat like Nipah in its tracks, there has been a lot of discussion about Kerala’s capability of emerging as a medical tourism hub. This was also re-emphasized again at the seventh edition of Kerala Health Tourism (KHT) — an international conference and exhibition on health tourism. “With so many more people looking up to Kerala’s healthcare facilities, we wish to make it a little more accessible to those who need it, and the reception for this has been amazing. Fundraisers from Kerala have raised almost 10 Crores, and those from Thiruvananthapuram constitute a 10th of this amount, and more than 87% of funds raised for needs from the city are for medical needs. With a strong diasporic community, fundraisers from Kerala see a lot of support in the online world,” Mr. Anoj added.

Besides people who set up fundraisers on Milaap, the platform also works with hundreds of hospitals across the country to help raise funds for those who have little or no access to the online world. Milaap is in touch with hospitals for verification and for bills at the time of fund withdrawal. Often, patients travel long distances to get specialized treatment for bigger diseases. They are unable to afford the cost of it and discontinue. “Initially, there were some doctors who set up fundraisers for some of their patients and we started easing the fundraising set-up for them. Slowly, we saw more and more doctors recommending crowdfunding to their patients, and now we are working closely with hundreds of hospitals across the country to enable easy set up of fundraisers and submission of bills. We urge more hospitals in Kerala to work with us and make specialized treatment accessible to more people who need it,” Mr. Anoj concluded.

Setting up an online fundraiser is a process of less than 5 minutes and does not require a lot of technical know-how. Campaigns can be set up using Whatsapp, other instant messaging apps and even without typing, by recording their story in any of the 8 available Indian languages. It is then automatically transcribed to create text. All of these features open up online fundraising to anyone with a smartphone.  Milaap has so far raised more than 600 crores for such causes from across India, over 80% of which is for medical and related needs.

If anyone wishes to set up a fundraiser for a cause they care about, they can easily set up

campaigns by using the instructions below:

  • Visit to start a fundraiser
  • Send a Whatsapp message on (+91) 9916174848 or email at for guidance to set up a fundraiser.

Do read frequently asked questions at to find easy solutions and quick tips to fundraise better!

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