Using Technology to solve water problem

>>Startups that are turning water problems into business opportunities
With an increasing demand, water is a fast-diminishing natural resource. The imbalance of availability and demand leads to disputes.  Most of us do not realise that unlike electricity there are no alternative sources of water. In the history of mankind’s evolution, no new water source was ever found. The problem of water scarcity is a growing one. Water is a critical infrastructure to ensure good quality of life. Increase in population leads to an inevitable increase in the consumption of water.
On one hand we need a greater resolve to save water but on the other hand we need technology to save water.
Here are some startups that are solving water problem through tech
  • Smarterhomes: A smart water metering company that measures water consumption in real time through their smart meter WaterOn
  • Faclon Labs: Faclon Labs has developed a product that mines data at water pumping stations in rural and urban locations, and offers rich insights to help build efficient water management systems.
  • NextDrop: NextDrop tackles the problem of water scarcity by tracking water supply for utilities.
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