Yoga Day Celebrations held in Thakur International School – Cambridge as children learn from Yogini Teena Pereira

>>Yogini Teena began by introducing the concept of Yoga to the students

 To celebrate the importance of Yoga Day, Thakur International School – Cambridge organized a comprehensive Yoga workshop for its students. This workshop was conducted by  well known Yogini Teena Pereira from Institute Vrudhi Holistic Health Care. It received a fantastic response from children across all grades, parents and teachers who took part in it.

Yogini Teena began by introducing the concept of Yoga to the students. Although most children were aware of Yoga, the brief introduction by her helped them gain a better perspective about this ancient practice. She spoke about the history, evolution and benefits of Yoga.

Initially, Yogini Teena conducted a warm-up session. Simple warm-up exercises were shown to the children who wholeheartedly participated. The warm-up session helped children to loosen up their limbs and prepare themselves for the Yoga asanas. Once the warm-up session concluded, she taught some asanas to the children. These asanas were comparatively simpler so that all the children could easily do them. She was most helpful and kept encouraging children to get their technique right. The children were enthusiastic and were determined to strike the correct asana poses.

Finally, Yogini Teena directed the children to indulge in breathing exercises. These breathing exercises are critical as they help in being focused and calm. Breathing exercises complemented the Yoga asanas.  It was heartening to notice that children from the smaller grades were focussed and participative beyond their years. They could match their older school mates when it came to posing for all the asanas.

Shunila Joy Chauhan, the Principal of Thakur International School –  Cambridge said “In our school, we always encourage our students to aspire for the promise that the future holds without letting go about the learnings of the past. Yoga is an integral component of India’s culture. It is our civilization’s gift to the world. Therefore we wanted to ensure that our children are introduced to Yoga. “

Dr Bhavi Mody Founder of  Vrudhi Holistic is of the opinion, “I feel that an individual achieves a super sense of balance between mental and physical well-being if they start practising Yoga from a young age. Although Yoga originated in our country, today it is practised all over the world in different forms. It is a fantastic life skill to possess and hone. Yoga Day enables us to pay gratitude to our rich heritage. It is an opportunity for experts to share their learning and for amateurs to pick up new  asanas.”

Thakur International School Cambridge believed that by ensuring all the grades practiced Yoga together, they were able to send out a compelling message of unity and peace.

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