Work Opportunities While Studying at Duke University

dukeLet us now understand what work-study programme is and how it helps you in getting jobs while studying at Duke University

Duke University is famous to provide best quality education to the students all over the world. Its reputation as an academic and research powerhouse has increased in the past few years. Duke University’s ranking among all the national universitiesis 8th. The work-study program offered by the university along with the financial aid provides opportunitiesto gain excellent work experience and network with professionals. All those students who apply for financial aid are offered work-study program which allows them to work while studying and earn money. Under this program, jobs are offered to the students studying at Duke University only. However, there are some jobs for students who do not require work-study permission from the students.

Let us now understand what work-study programme is and how it helps you in getting jobs while studying at Duke University.

Work Study Program

Work study is a program helps a student to find jobs while studying. The jobs are mostly in the Duke campus. The students are paid the right amount for their work at the university. All the enrolled students are allowed to work up to 19.9 hours per week.

A student can easily apply for work study by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  After filling the form, you will be notified of your work-study eligibility after Duke University receives your FAFSA results. After you are notified, you have to accept it on Duke Hub.

How to Search Jobs?

All the students who wish to work while studying at Duke University can search for the latest jobs on the Duke University Student Job Gateway. All the recent jobs are listed here, and all the interested students can apply to these jobs according to their eligibility. The gateway also lists jobs that do not require work-study permission.

Some of the Job Openings at Duke University

There are many job positions for the students at Duke University. For example, every year Duke University Libraries employs over 250 students to work in a variety of jobs like library student assistants, Staff Public desks, search computer databases and edit online records and many more. At present, there are some of the following jobs for the students willing to work while studying-

Jewish Studies Collection Assistant- It is a job under Duke University Libraries and does not require work study.

Rubenstein Library Research Service Student Assistant– This job also does not require Work-Study, but preference will be given to the students with work-study permission.

Music Library Circulation Assistant– This job requires Duke work-study permission.

Some of the other job openings are Middles-worth Social Media and Outreach Fellow, Hebrew Materials Assistant, Library Stacks Assistant, Radio Haiti Archives Student Assistant, Archival Collections Processing Assistant, Russian Language Archival Collections Processing Assistant, etc.

A student only needs to search for the jobs suitable for him and apply for them. If selected, you will be contacted and hired by a supervisor.

How Much is a Student Paid?

Once a student gets a job and starts working, all his wages are paid directly in his account. The wages depend upon the number of hours a student work and the hourly wage for the job. The current work-study maximum pay for the domestic student during the academic year 2018-19 is $2,200. Current hourly rates for student employees:

Position Type Min Wage Max Wage
Student Assistant – General $10.00/hr $16.00/hr
Student Assistant – Specialized $11.00/hr $19.00/hr


The work-study program offered by Duke University is obviously very helpful for international students. Thus, students should definitely apply for the same. Work with education also provides additional experience to the students.

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