Writing Tips You’d Appreciate as a Freshman

essayWriting a strong college essay is not easy, especially if you are a freshman. Many first-year students find it challenging to write on a college level and produce strong academic content that can get them high grades. The problem is that writing at college differs from writing at high school, so lots of young people whose skills are not up to the tasks prefer to get professional help online on a reliable essay writing service  and order model papers on the topics assigned by their professors. It takes a lot of time and effort to master the art of academic writing and create a well-thought paper that can get you an A for it. Here are some easy tips on how to make your writing better.

Manage Your Time

It’s not easy to cope with all tasks and submit them on time if you are dealing with several assignments in different subjects. So you’ll need to create a schedule and plan your time for researching, writing, and revising your college paper. You should start brainstorming the ideas and working on your assignments as soon as possible. When working on your writing project, you should avoid distractions. Don’t procrastinate and try to stay productive.

Move Beyond the 5-Paragraph Essay

You already know very well how to structure and write a basic 5-paragraph essay which includes an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Now you need to go beyond that simple formula. Use your knowledge of common essay writing principles to create longer essays and research papers. Make sure you use a variety of organizational methods.

Don’t panic when you get longer assignments and use your previous experience. But of course, you should be ready for new challenges.

Give Preference to the Short Sentences

Try to avoid long complex constructions which may seem too academic to you. Your ideas should be expressed clearly and concisely. So, if your sentence is too lengthy, divide it into several ones. It would be great if each sentence had its own identifiable goal. Cut out unnecessary words and phrases like “perhaps” or “seemingly” because they don’t add any meaning and make your ideas vague.

Use Action Verbs and Give Them Power

It’s important to use concrete verbs, and many people will tell you that you should avoid -ing form. It’s better to write “spoke” instead of “was speaking.” Verbs that end in -ing typically lack power. At the same time, it’s impossible to always avoid this form because it shows that some actions happened at a specific moment.

Try to Avoid Passive Voice

Your teachers have told you that many times but very often if you write long complex sentences, passive voice can be tricky to catch. Passive voice is more impersonal, and if you use active voice instead, your writing is sure to sound nicer, and your essays will have more meaning.

Work on Your Vocabulary

Try to be specific and use the right words to express your meaning clearly. Besides, you should avoid using a lot of adverbs. Actually, adverbs are not bad, and they are used with general verbs to give them emotions. But you’d better use a verb that already has this emotion in its meaning. It especially concerns creative writing, but still, if you use verbs with a precise meaning, you will sound more powerful.

Practice Writing

Writing skills can be learned and mastered just like any other skills, but you’ll need a lot of practice. Your first college paper could be a complete disaster, but if you practice a lot and write regularly, you will eventually learn to create powerful papers. You’d better practice writing every day. For example, you may keep a journal and write there about 200 hundred words a day. Soon you’ll notice that your writing has really improved.

Learn Different Citation Styles

Proper format and references are very important for the success of your paper. Citation styles are necessary to avoid plagiarism. The most popular styles are MLA and APA, and you should learn their peculiarities to ensure that your papers meet the needs of different audiences.

Follow these easy tips and practice writing on a daily basis, and you are sure to achieve success and become a strong writer.

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