How to Equip Yourself for JEE

examIt is noticed that most of the students start preparing for JEE at least 1 or 2 years before the final exam. Hence, planning comes out as an important step

Whether you are planning to apply for JEE or have already done that, this article can prove to be a saviour for it all. After all, your main aim is to ace the exam and secure a seat in one of the most renowned engineering colleges in India.

Now, cracking JEE is an uphill task and to make sure that it does not go unaccomplished, you must equip yourself with the best strategies and plans. Here are some of the things you can implement to increase your chances of scoring well in JEE. Take a look!

  1. Know the Syllabus

First thing is first. Once you have decided tostart your preparation for JEE, you need to know the syllabus. It is one of the crucial things you must be familiarized with before beginning your preparation. Don’t follow others and know about the latest syllabus from the official website ofthe National Testing Agency (NTA). You can also get other important information about the mode of examination, exam pattern, eligibility and exam centres. Having the complete syllabus will help you plan the best study schedule where you do not just dedicate time to cover each and every topic but also arrangean adequate time for practice and revision.

  1. Prepare a Plan

It is noticed that most of the students start preparing for JEE at least 1 or 2 years before the final exam. Hence, planning comes out as an important step. If you have a well-planned strategy to study, you can have better chances of scoring good in the examination.

You can begin by devoting sufficient time to each topic. You should also assign enough time for practice and preparation of the subjects. Try making a to-do list as well. One more important thing to consider is a realistic time frame. Don’t exhaust yourself during your preparation by cramming subjects in the timetable. Devote ample amount of time for breaks and fun activities too; it will help you stay refreshed and concentrated.

  1. Join ACoaching Class

There are plenty of coaching institutes across the country that offer classes for students aiming for JEE. Some of the leading ones like Aakash Institute are known for their experienced faculty. Many students even move to Kota which is a hub for JEE coaching.

In case you are not able to apply for a classroom program, you can also opt for learning through digital platforms like Aakash iTutor or Aakash Live. Through these programs, you can prepare for the exam without wasting travel time, money and energy.

  1. Apply for Scholarships

You must be thinking how scholarships made into this list. Well, here is a surprise. You may not know, but institutes like Aakash conduct scholarship exams for students studying in class 8, 9 and 10. For instance, if you are in class 10, you can opt for Aakash Nation Talent Hunt Exam (ANTHE) and win a scholarship for 10th class students. Through ANTHE, you get a chance to win up to 100% scholarship for coaching in Aakash Institute and guidance from their experienced faculty.

What’s more? Well, you also get access to various practice tests, mock tests, quizzes and the famous All India Aakash Test Series for JEE (Main & Advanced). Exciting isn’t it?

  1. Eat Healthy and Sleep Well

Equipping yourself for JEE doesn’t mean that you only have to collect all the vital information about the exam and study thoroughly; you also need to take good care of your health. Hence, follow a balanced diet rich in vitamins and proteins. A good sleep is also recommendedfor it will help in alleviating stress and refreshing body and mind. You can also try to indulge in various activities and sports if exercising is not your thing. Also, try to spend some quality time with your friends and family during your preparation to feel motivated and happy.

Though only a few strategy tips, the above-listed points are enough to equip you for JEE. Just follow them dedicatedly, and you won’t have to worry much. Moreover, don’t forget to apply for scholarship for 10th class students as winning it will offer you a combined benefit of all the strategies. All the best!

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