Book review:GITA: The Battle of the Worlds


>>The book raises important life lessons and equips young readers with accessible mental health tools drawn out of meditation
rsaCo-written with Woman’s Prize listed author Jemma Wayne-Kattan the book is based on Paramahansa Yogananda’s interpretation of the Gita and covers some of the key spiritual messages within a fictional adventure story for children. It is a modern-day instructional manual that brings to life the precious nuggets that are contained in this sacred text, in a way that is relatable for them and connects Indian children with their heritage. With meditation at its core, the universal messaging in the book appeals to both children and adults who are drawn to the aspect of meditation to bring out empathy and calmness.

The book raises important life lessons and equips young readers with accessible mental health tools drawn out of meditation. Sonal and Jemma hope that the story will not only inspire individual young readers but will give them tangible tools to cope with the struggles of modern day life.

Complimented by beautiful and original illustrations which are a key part of the book and sketches by Soumitra Ranade, GITA: The Battle of the World is a captivating and thought-provoking addition to the children’s book and educational genres.

I have attached the press release with additional information along with Sonal’s bio and a link to download the embargoed copy of the book here and a short video here. I’d be happy to send you a physical copy of the book as well for review. Please let me know if you’d like to write about the book or interview the author.

Sonal is the CEO of GMSP Foundation who extensively work towards women empowerment. The charitable foundation that has given away over $10M away in just over 10 years and impacted 0.5Million girls and their families. Through her work, she has also taken a leading role in the philanthropy space in the NRI community acting as an advisor to the Prince’s charity –British Asian Trust– and has been recognised for her work to stop gender violence in both India and the UK. She is also head of Global Partnerships an award-winning global initiative THINK EQUAL which due to the alarming statistics on children’s mental health is currently working across twelve countries to bring systems to change in education.

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