How to earn Doctorate degree online

graduationOnline colleges offering Ph.D. programs allow students to earn a doctoral degree at their own pace. This is the highest education level one can pursue. One must hold both a bachelor and master’s degree to pursue a Ph.D. Degree. To get admitted in good college you should complete your bachelor degree from a reputed college like Ashford College. You will find variety of courses and programs. One of the major advantages of an online Doctorate degree is that international students can pursue this course in the top-most universities of the world.

Studying online gives you the flexibility to study at your own time and decide your career goals and objectives. Less open doors prompt expanded rivalry among work searchers when there are a bigger number of candidates than positions accessible. However, there is an upward pattern in students seeking after doctoral level training.

Choosing an accredited online college

There are many fake online colleges i.e. it is important to do research before applying to any college. Make sure the college is accredited. Search for the best online Doctorate Degrees where you will get different colleges with various programs. Visit their official website and see whether it is accredited or not. Accredited colleges are licensed and widely accepted by employers. During this coursework, you will come across many online assignments, exams, and internships.

Differences between Ph. D and A Professional Degree

  • PH. D sometimes known as research degree mostly includes conducting research and formulating hypothesis.
  • Professional doctorate degree helps in the application of knowledge gained through years of study.
  • Ph.D. generally focuses on adding the existing knowledge base in their fields and serving as consultants like in corporations.
  • In professional degree students mostly get placed in management positions where they extensively practice their skills.

Course duration

  • Time is dependent of the course of study, Research focus and credit hours.
  • Course, teaching, and internships vary by discipline.
  • Credits range from 36 to 90 or more and also pursuing master’s degree can reduce your course credit required.
  • It takes around 3 to 5 years to complete this course.

The fee structure for online Doctoral Degree

  • One of the most important factor to be considered is cost.
  • A doctorate degree is much expensive than any master degree.
  • You should be aware of interest rates before paying.
  • The student should add expenses like software, hardware and internet fees in their costs.
  • You can also apply for financial aids through FAFSA code.
  • Tuitions rates are same for both online and traditional colleges.
  • Pursuing online course will reduce your transportation and food expenses.
  • eBooks and online courses will be little cheaper than traditional colleges.

Reasons for choosing Online Degree

  • To gain advanced knowledge in the specific area of study.
  • To learn how to conduct academic research.
  • To get positions at colleges, universities and research centers.
  • To work in senior-level clinical or practical application positions also in business and industries.
  • Increases your career opportunities.
  • Salary will be increased after getting your doctorate degree.

Career opportunities in a Doctoral Degree

  • Professor, Postsecondary / Higher Education
  • Senior Research Scientist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Hospital Pharmacy Director
  • Veterinarian

Different types of Doctoral degree

  • Doctor of education: The main focus, of course, is research, coursework, practical experiences and completing specific challenges.
  • Doctor of philosophy: The course focuses on research theory and design, as well as a specific academic discipline. Students can choose their specialization according to their interests
  • Doctor of Theology: It is similar to PH. D focused on research but within the theological topics.
  • Medical Doctorate: This course helps students to pursue a career as practicing physicians.
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