Amar, an eighth standard student, is a teacher to thousands; here’s the story

Amar is an eighth standard student, but through the YouTube channel ‘Learn with Amar’ he is a teacher to thousands. Interestingly, most of his followers are aspirants of the coveted civil services.

Of late, the number of followers in the channel crossed one lakh. But Amar and his young brother Anagh, who is in 5th standard, are not much bothered about their success on internet.

According to their father Goverdhana Chary, who is a social sciences teacher, the children would just smile whenever he point out such things. However the comment under each video in the channel is turning out to be an honour to the father. Some of it goes like this… “So simple and easy way to learn n remember by this genius kid…..i was looking for exactly this kind of video for some time n got this after a few searches….thanx a lot n keep going Amar,” “have not seen any better video of learning the Asian map, so accurately and so neatly drawn and labelled. I was never good with maps, and now i feel intrigued to learn with this video. Kudos Amar, I do not know what you want to be when you grow up, but I must say you will be a great teacher, the country and the world will seek teachers like you. And special respect for the person who planted the seeds of knowledge inside you.”

“I question my entire school education after watching this video” And these comments are coming from the followers in different parts of the world.

The videos are mostly related to physical and political maps, a topic, which usually baffles one during competitive examinations. But the simple and effective way of teaching by Amar and Anagh makes them easy to grasp.

“We never had any plan to launch this channel. Its birth was purely accidental. Amar is very intelligent and has always been interested in learning new things. I noticed his interest in reading atlas. I used to give subject training to teachers and have created some techniques to learn and remember geography easily. I began to teach Amar these techniques. He learnt all the countries and capital cities in a very short period. One day, we shot a video while he was explaining African continent and uploaded the same just for fun. Unexpectedly so many viewers requested to upload more videos,” Goverdhana Chary said.

“Now, we are receiving many appreciating phone calls from different countries requesting to interact with Amar.” Moreover, the students of higher classes began to seek the help of these kids to understand the concepts in geography. At times even teachers are asking them to take classes.

Chary said that he was taking a conscious effort to insulate the children from the ‘difficulties’ of the unexpected fame and success. “I don’t want to disturb their school education. I teach him the concept, then we both would discuss and refer many books, including atlas, to prepare the video. We make videos only on school holidays. So it takes two to three months to upload a video,” he added.

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