Singularity University announces first Global Impact Challenge in India partnering with KSUM

>>Singularity University (SU), is a global community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and build an abundant future for all

d1 Further to the Kerala Government’s Kerala Innovation Challenge policy to find solutions for socially relevant problems, a partnership was formed between Kerala Startup Mission and Singularity University, to launch SingularityU India Global Impact Challenge.

Singularity University (SU), is a global community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and build an abundant future for all. Thus, in line with this mission, the SingularityU India Global Impact Challenge is inviting moonshot innovations and startups in the field of education and environment that can positively impact a billion people over the next 10 years.

Singularity University has hosted many successful “Global Impact Challenges” since 2010 in many countries all over the world. To date, Singularity University has hosted 120 Challenges in 45 countries awarding 162 winners.

The objective of these challenges is to spur moonshot innovations to solve world’s greatest global challenges– energy, environment, food, shelter, space, water, disaster resilience, governance, health, learning, prosperity and security– by using exponential technology.

The newly announced “SingularityU India Global Impact Challenge” will be open to all residents and citizens of India. The winner of the Challenge will be selected on July 7, 2018 and awarded a prize to participate in the SU Ventures Incubator Program free of charge. The winners will get training in leadership, structure and foundation for companies, develop a minimum viable product and meet other amazing innovators from all over the world.

The jury will consist of representatives from Singularity University, Kerala Startup Mission, as well as senior representatives of the entrepreneurship, business or innovation community.

The top teams will also be shortlisted for Kerala Innovation Challenge and will have the opportunity to pitch for an innovation grant for implementing the solution in the state of Kerala.

We are thrilled to partner with Kerala Startup Mission to identify talented entrepreneurs who are passionate to solve problems around education and environment, said Regina Njima, Director Singularity University Global Impact Challenge. “I’m looking forward to the awesome winners who will be joining SU Ventures Incubator Program to transform their projects to viable startups.”

“India is expected to have one of the youngest and largest workforces in the world in the coming years. To capitalize this opportunity, it is important to come up with innovative ways of developing content, pedagogy, delivery, and distribution to equip the growing population of youths in India about emerging technologies and prepare them for the 21st-century jobs. Additionally, rapid population growth coupled with urbanization has resulted to poor environmental conditions such as improper solid waste management and air and water pollution. It has become critical to find innovative solutions to manage the impact this will have on the environment. Through Global Impact Challenge India edition we are trying to identify and support innovations which could address these issues using exponential technologies.” said Dr. Saji Gopinath, CEO of Kerala Startup Mission.

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