Delhi Dynamos join hands with Tottenham trained SO Bharat coaches to promote Special Athletes  

>>Special Olympics Bharat athletes play a Unified football match with coaches from Delhi Dynamos Fc and  India-spurs coaches to celebrate the Unified spirit 

Delhi Dynamos Fc Coaches and the India spurs coaches pose for a photo with DDFC players Edu Moya and Pritam Kotal - Copy Special Olympics Bharat conducted a two-day celebration of the Unified spirit on 12th & 13th March 2018, which saw SO Bharat Coaches and the Delhi Dynamos Football Club Coaches take part in a special orientation programme, followed by an 11-a-side Unified football match involving athletes from Special Olympics Bharat.

 The first day of the celebration saw SO Bharat Coaches who have been trained by the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation to conduct a special orientation programme called ‘Football for Social Change’ which was aimed at teaching a total of 15 coaches from Delhi Dynamos Football Club on how to involve, promote and upgrade sports skills of Special Athletes.

 The orientation programme was followed by an exciting 11-a-side Unified football match, which celebrated the Unified spirit of Special Olympics as the coaches and special athletes came together as team-mates.

 Nikki Kelly, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, said: “We are delightedto see that the work we have been doing with SO Bharat for a number of years now is coming to fruition and enabling the organisation to engage with clubs like Delhi Dynamos and impact upon more coaches in the region to the benefit of even more Athletes with Intellectual Disabilities”

 “Tottenham Hotspur Foundation is proud of its partnership with Special Olympics – an organisation that shares our vision of making the game fully inclusive and accessible to people regardless of ability.”

 It’s a great initiative that Special Olympics Bharat and Tottenham Foundation have taken and we are delighted to be a part of it. At Delhi Dynamos our aim has always been to encourage athletes to take up sports. This two-day programme has been very fruitful for our coaches who have had the opportunity to learn and also share their coaching experiences with athletes from Special Olympics,”

Delhi Dynamos CEO Ashish Shah said.

 Quote from Mr Victor R Vaz, National Sports Director , Special Olympics Bharat ‘We are delighted that Delhi Dynamos is joining hands for promoting Inclusion through Football. Along with demonstrating their passion and attentiveness to the importance of Inclusion, this collaboration will serve as a model for more, steering towards a quality football culture. With this event we look forward to celebrating the Unified spirit of Special Olympics with Delhi Dynamos’

 Special Olympics and Tottenham Hotspur Foundation have a long-standing partnership which is driven by a common goal to create social change through the power of sport. The partnership started

in 2013 to provide quality football training in India, reaching out to 2200 SO Bharat Coaches and skill development opportunities to 30,000 Special Olympics athletes in the country. The project encourages SO Bharat to engage with Football Clubs in India along with a variety of other Football industry stakeholders to enhance impact, eventually improving the quality of coaching being made available to Footballers at the grassroots.


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