From ‘Note books’ to ‘Notebooks’ – Our changing thought process




We see our children viewing a “Notebook“more as a technology product rather than the one that is the foundation on which the noble art of writing is learned and practiced. A ‘tablet’ in the present context is no different

The title has every possibility of creating confusion. In reality, it is just a reflection of the transformation that has taken place in the current generation, which includes everyone from children to adults.

Let us press our rewind button to recollect what life really was until about 2 decades ago for most of us. We had a very natural life, a lot of fun, activity and enjoyment and a much simpler view about everything around. We found happiness in the small things. We could walk into our friends’ homes without any formality and share whatever was available.

We could spend hours ‘naturally talking’ and playing traditional games, with sand or stone. We weren’t bothered about being ourselves and cosmetic changes hardly mattered to us. Being together gave us most of the best moments in life in the company of family, friends and well wishers. Relationships, communication, and values occupied prime spots.


We had and made TIME for such moments that we considered more important. As students, we weren’t too concerned about marks and grades and our teachers were much more than just teachers. We weren’t as selfish and considered loneliness a curse.

We had cable TVs, we had internet and we had mobile phones. Yet, we were much more efficient than we are today, though not as efficient as we were, when we didn’t need a calculator to add two simple two digit numbers.

Gradually, technology set itself firmly and started eating into our natural life, to give us “comfort” and convenience. The latter as a term has died down. “Old is gold” is just an adage on paper and the ‘OLD’ has an obsolescence rate that is hard to comprehend.


Our children started getting exposed to changes and gadgets that we hadn’t seen even after we started earning. And sadly now, they seem to be losing the innocence and a level of ignorance which are hallmarks of this beautiful phase of life.

Presently, we watch something like a different breed of children, glued to and subdued by technology addiction, mostly compelled by our own innate tendency to find solace in such gadgets.

A majority of us takes things for granted and pretends to downplay the ill effects of a lack of healthy socializing and communication with children. Technology has started dictating our lives and paradoxically we do little, knowing very well though, to prevent it from erasing a meaningful past that had all the ingredients of life, which encompassed more of only the positives.

Laziness and the craving for more has reduced basic physical activities in which we found pleasure years back.

Technology is and never would be harmful. It is our perception and application that gives it a killer label. We have lost sight of a glorious past and rich tradition that many other cultures have tried to imbibe and practice. Strangely, we are trying to move away from our own strengths and rely on certain aspects that are to be dumped. We are digging our own graves by embracing higher levels of ‘virtuality’ or digitalization.

We see our children viewing a “Notebook“more as a technology product rather than the one that is the foundation on which the noble art of writing is learned and practiced. A ‘tablet’ in the present context is no different.

Let us use our sense of judgment and teach our children too, to know where and when to use the ‘Note book’ and the ‘Notebook aka laptop’. Let us understand the clear distinction and work to create a healthy society that uses technology as a tool and not as a substitute for human brain which has powers that even we ourselves haven’t deciphered.

Let us not deviate from using the inbuilt ability of our brain to think rationally. Let us bring up children who are just children when they ought to be- nothing less, nothing more.


Let us guide them and play a crucial part to create a future that has the richness which cannot be replaced by technology.

Let us not be “Artificially Intelligent” but put to work our “Natural Intelligence” whose powers we haven’t yet unleashed fully.

(Manoj Krishnan, the writer, is the Initiator and Chief guidance Officer of The Compass Team, an organization that has been working for over 7 years with students, teachers, parents and schools to make this society a better place to live in. Email:

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