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The age-old debate surrounding video games

>> What really is the final answer to, “Are video games good or bad?” Published studies over the years have proven video games to have a negative impact on people. Although, you shouldn’t dismiss video game just yet. Many other batches of research also prove

‘Future Unlocked’: Digital Summit at IIMB on October 15

Organized by the one-year fulltime MBA students, the summit, themed on ‘Future Unlocked’, will explore multiple aspects of digitization such as mixed reality, non-intrusive marketing, platform business models and more BENGALURU: The Executive Post Graduate Programme (EPGP) 2017-18 at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Why ‘Total Quality Management’ matters in education

We should implement the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM) in our education sector  Today we live in a competitive era where academic excellence and career success have become the end goal of life. Today’s corporate world demands highly qualified and skilled manpower to get the