Are our kids really safe in school?

>> Even in schools, our children are becoming unsafe 

By Renu Shenoy

By Renu Shenoy

I have been avoiding the news about the unfortunate incident happened in Ryan International School for the last few days as I was not strong enough to take it, but happened to see the video where the kid’s mother was talking a while earlier and it forced me to open up.

It really hurts to know that our kids are not safe anywhere. The moment they leave our finger tips, the moment they’re away from our eyesight the little ones are in danger. While in school we were taught that the teachers are also like our parents. You can share any concern with them.

I myself had made my girl understand that your teacher is like me, you have any problem or anything that bothers you in school please share with her. She will surely help you.

But, these unfortunate incidents happening around us scare me to hell. Are our kids really safe in school? I have a school going girl, from the moment she boards the bus, till she is back from school, I am worried about her.  Unfortunately that’s the world we live in.

We all send our kids to a good school to make their future bright and sound, but what if it’s killing their present? Who is to be blamed? How can someone come to school with a knife? How could he do this to a small kid?

As parents we're shocked to hear the brutal murder of a seven year old child at the Ryan International School, Gurugram

As parents we’re shocked to hear the brutal murder of a seven year old child at the Ryan International School, Gurugram

In the near future how many accidents are we hearing? Kids falling on the road while getting down from school buses, Kids were molested in the schools and buses, little ones abused and physically tortured by teachers, sleeping kids forgotten and suffocated to death…

The safety measures and monitoring system in schools have to be made strict. Training has to be given to children to stand up and react bravely whenever they see anything happening like this around them.

So many times we have seen unfortunate videos of teachers beating a kid and all are children quietly watching with fear in their eyes. I would say instead of teaching them about the war of independence, Chinese, French revolution, rule of Akbar and Babar, and trigonometry, let’s teach them how to face life, how to stand up for the fellow mate, how to react to any unfortunate incident, how to think and respond bravely, how to respect and treat everyone with respect and empathy and most importantly to say ‘NO’ as and when needed.

My heart goes for the mother who had packed lunch for the kid and sent him to school, he might have not wanted to wake up that morning and go to school and mother would have forced him to, most of the parents does that. No mother should have to go through this.

Let’s pray and hope for stricter law and harsher punishments to any crime , that the culprit has to think twice or thrice before he act.

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