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‘Basic data skills are becoming indispensable for a wider set of roles’

Udacity has launched Data Foundation Nanodegree Foundation certification New Delhi: Targeting students, and working professionals, Udacity, the silicon-valley based online learning platform, has announced the launch of its Data Foundation Nanodegree Foundation Certification. “The company is primarily targeting engineering students and working professionals who are interested into the field

Drones relay RFID signals for inventory control

System could save retailers billions lost through faulty inventory records BY LARRY HARDESTY, MIT NEWS CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Radio frequency ID tags were supposed to revolutionize supply chain management. The dirt-cheap, battery-free tags, which receive power wirelessly from scanners and then broadcast identifying numbers, enable

MDIS launches new skills-based programmes and Nursing School

Emphasis on applied learning opportunities addresses future industry needs and manpower requirements Among the Indian students who wish to pursue higher education abroad, Singapore has always been the preferred destination, and Singapore’s MDIS has been topping the list among the most reputed educational institutions. The institute