Medical education: spoiler alert!!!

stethoscope-1584223_960_720BY DR. SUPRIYA INGLE

Entire nation was confused and disoriented when news like Patients beating doctors, doctors going on strike without caring for common people, government made compulsory to all doctors to practice in the rural area and on and on were making headlines.

Everybody must have wondered what has happened to Doctor – patient relationship in our country. We all know patient (public) side of the story but what is happening to doctors is not really being discussed. Their condition is veiled under the tag of professionalism, maturity and decency.  But here is spoiler alert.

I believe there is no greater spoiler and teacher than life itself. And life is so unique that I could only vouch for genuineness of my own experience. So it goes, I was born amongst people who have great hopes from me to be somebody they have imagined they could have been if given opportunities. Now that I had chances and choices, I had no other way to be anybody else that to be exactly what they have dreamed of – a DOCTOR.

I remember, how much anxious we all were when I was writing pre – medical entrance test and so relieved when we received positive results: MBBS seat in the government medical college. Since the schooling to MBBS admission, parents were responsibility holder – a train engine of my life. Which is usually the case in my observation, with of course some exceptions.

As soon as degree course starts, MBBS degree became new train engine and yet I was been driven. I cant possibly deny the fact that such degree demands rigorous labour which later reaps as amazing professional skills and strong character. (And I am grateful for all those lessons.) By the end of MBBS, I was 23 year old, finally hoping to run my own engine. But the tragedy was that I was back to step one again where somebody else was running my train. Moreover, now there is additional engines as well, whose name is society.

Both parents and society (which includes peers, medical education system, established medical professionals) nourishes the story of how doctor should be, what is the best way to shine through, how life is tough and unknown.

At this stage of career and life, generally a person has developed full capacity to recognise their strengths and professional curiosity. They are mentally, physically, financially and emotionally ready to handle their own damn engine, but noooooooo!!!!!!. And that hurts me.

It overweight my little heart: I understand the love my parents speaking through and general expectation rules for all (from society). And I have carried that weight with pride as long as I remember to have my senses activated. PG entrance after MBBS is one of the most hardest period in doctor’s life. After investing 10 or more years you are taking big decision which will affect everything that is coming in life. Here is tremendous RAT RACE.

When I see MBBS passed student compromising on stream of specialisation, settling for uninteresting, routine but high yielding over curiosity and passion. Mostly because not to feel beaten up in the race out of social image. Not that they don’t know their strength or whatever they like to pursue will not be so rewarding. But no body stand still to taste the truth that After Medical degree your life is already rewarding, no matter what you study further. The intention you and your parents had before MBBS is already been full filled. Now take seat back and choose patiently. Take a time.

I want to inform all of you that “ You are enough”, “Parents , you have done wonderful (bring up MBBS child) but please stop now” “Society,  we need all kind of doctors, let somebody discover new genes, new diseases, new health model”.

A plain MBBS and Super – duper specialised doctor does the same thing – assist in improving our countries heath. Some may have better clothes, cars, lifestyle but the rewards you get when you see somebody getting healthy or improvement in community health standard are intrinsically same. Please stop harassing each other and stop showing only bright side of life, open up darker one too, because that not only pained you but society as well. Stop making marriage deals over specialisation, No of bedded hospital.

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