5 ways to involve students in extracurricular activities


Teachers should do proper research work to decide what kind of activity would help in wholesome development of students and make them responsible citizens


Student’s mind should be nurtured very carefully as they are the flag bearers of the nation’s future. School education plays a vital role in the development of a human being that is why it is important that the development is all round.

Nowadays students are more interested in electronic gadgets, phone, video games that is making them mentally numb.

They are lacking in thinking creatively, sometimes they are unable to think out of the box.

So it’s very important to involve students in different extracurricular activities, in different sports, physical activities and so on. It will help them to avoid all kind of distractions of modern day and to will make them capable of connecting with society, work in a team and will enhance their creativity.

Sometimes, teachers face challenges in motivating students for active participation in extracurricular activities. In the beginning, teachers also face challenges in arranging such activities although it is not very difficult if it is planned in a proper way. So here are a few tips to motivate students and arrange such campaign successfully.

Do research work: Teachers should do proper research work to decide what kind of activity would help in wholesome development of students and make them responsible citizens. How many pupil are going to participate in the camp and teacher should also decide a proper name for the campaign as it can also motivate the students to join such camps.

Involve right kind of people: Only experts should be entrusted with the job of teaching, training and judging children involved in various activities. If the people leading the activity are not confident they will not be able to impart the right kind of knowledge to the students.

Involve students in natural way: Teachers should pick up interesting activity like public speaking, drama, presentations etc. So student will involve willingly in these activities on the basis of their own interests and preferences.  Teachers should also understand the limitations of student and there should always be an option to choose. These way students will learn things in the natural way.

Motivate: Motivate the students while they show their inclination, when they are getting trained or performing. Continuous motivation helps the students in performing better and even takes up the activities they were unaware of. Motivation could be direct by appreciating the efforts or praising the outcome of the same.

Reward: Reward is the next level of motivation. At times, students initially get involved with an activity lured by the rewards associated with it. But many a times, they start liking the activity when they start pursuing it. Thus, rewards also play a crucial role in involving the students.

So, it is clear that although there are various ways in which one can increase the involvement of students in extracurricular activities. Also, it is not possible to make an exhaustive list of the ways in which this can be done but even if you stick to these basic points you can expect a decent result.

(The author is Director at SRS International School)

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