‘Seeing a nude body is sin here; it needs to be changed’

rehnaThe world is talking about gender equality; do you think the concept of gender equality is between men and women? Sometimes not.

There are about 50 gender groups in society including homosexuals, heterosexuals, transgenders…Malayalam film maker Prince John, in his debut attempt, takes up a theme which deals with the story of an intersex person.

The poster of the film, titled Eka, has gone viral on social media because of its theme of openness. Rehana Fathima, a model and  social activist, performs the central character in the movie. Rehana talks about the film.

Why ‘Eka’ matters?

Eka is a totally new concept in Indian movies. Usually we talk about gender equality between men and women. But other than men and women there are also individuals from homosexual, intersex and heterosexual communities. Eka deals with the story of an intersex person, who is having a penis and a vagina. She also has the right to live in our society. Eka stands for the marginalized persons like him.

What are the major issues that come under discussion in Eka?

Eka deals with body and pubic politics. Female nipple is always a thing that subjected to something pornographic; where as the male nipple is a common thing. I cannot justify this. Eka stands against this body politics.

Challenges in bringing out the character

Still our society is not that much developed. Seeing a nude body is something sin here. I want to correct this view through my character in Eka. I am receiving negative and positive feedback from the audience for acting in Eka. I am accepting the positives and rejecting the negatives with respect.

About the director


This is Prince John’s first directorial venture. We all know him as a poet and a social activist. And now, he is coming up with a movie, I am sure that it is going to hit the mass.

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