Hey guys…get wet, but in style!

Renuka C Shekhar‎, fashion researcher & CEO, Adorrio Fashion House

Renuka C Shekhar‎, fashion researcher & CEO, Adorrio Fashion House

Monsoon trends for men this season.We have been waiting for  the downpours , so guys GET WET ,  but IN STYLE even when you are soaked to the bones

There’s a fashion taboo associated with India,” Indian fashion takes care of woman and their needs, style tips are in store for woman”. But don’t worry guys this monsoon revise our style hacks  and look dapper.

Yes! We love them all day long, pitter – patter magical drops falling on your face, and its the perfect time to pack your leather shoes and pastel coloured shirts. But why chose the synonymous boring outfits for this splashy season.

Here are our style tips, follow them right and look best this season:

Go Vibrant

Colour brilliance talks a lot, go vibrant this season, and its the best time to experiment with accessories which can add up a spark to your personality. Fight the gloomy monsoon with electric blue, yellow, green and red. Add fun and dimension to your wardrobe guys.


Print Palette

Rule number two is inviting the print palette to your wardrobe corner. Quirky prints they work perfectly this season to an insipid ensemble.  Play with vibrant cuts, pockets and flaps.


T for Trousers

Choose them right, light weight above the ankle style cuts are perfect for a monsoon stroll, wear them at the office choosing the right lighter shades matching your formals.  Jeans is not for this season, but if you are a denim guy adds more spandex which gives a breathable leg room, dries fast and a life saver when it comes to monsoon rashes. Go for denim shorts instead. Neatly rolling up your trousers could be your trend this season.


Outing with a perfect Outerwear

Waterproof outwears and raincoats are in this season. Waterproof raincoat ponchos, plastic coated hooded rain jackets, windbreaker rain clothing are all in store with a wide variety of colours to sizzle the monsoon with style. Team it up with right accessories, go for water resilient bags. Classy duffel bags or quirky backpacks are must to keep your electronics safe from the rains.


Head high with Head gear

Playing sporty this season can be your style goal. Add mystery to your wardrobe go for a hat that uplifts your mood and style. Bandhanas are still in trend.



Thanks to the invention of crocs, perfect season to get drenched in your colourful crocs. It could be hard for men to leave your converse, but who wants to be sensible when you have the word fashion on your mind? who wants the tongue sticking out lace shoes this monsoon, go for trendy and printed slippers. If you are a fashion player zip in for the ankle rainy boots in eccentric colours.


We have been waiting for  the downpours , so guys GET WET ,  but IN STYLE even when you are soaked to the bones.


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