InnovED Global helped achieve 100% results in IIT Advance

New Delhi: A Kolkata-based EduTech Startup, InnovED Global, turned out to be a blessing in disguise for IIT aspirants in the country this year. Sayak Chakrabarti, AIR 181, who secured 122 marks out of 122 in Mathematics in IIT JEE Advance, 2017 was one of the few students that were using InnovED Global online test series.

InnovED Global, India’s-first-company-launch-full-fledged-iit-jee-advanced-test-series, is a platform for IIT aspirants with IIT JEE advance test series in a proper format, which includes matrix type questions, which is considered the most difficult type of question in IIT JEE Advance test.

Despite the fact that 2.2 lakh students every year attempt IIT JEE Advance paper, there was no test series in India which was asking matrix type question in a proper way, InnovED Global saw the opportunity and exploited the Achilles heel that was left untouched.

Elated with the achievement, Sayak Chakrabarti said, age 17, said, “Shatru, Giren and Santosh Sir from EDUPace academy helped me throughout. InnovED Global online test series was very useful as matrix types questions were in proper format unlike single choice that we have in other test series”.

In a pilot run, InnovED Global tied up with EduPace Academy, a coaching center in Kolkata, only 78 students used the software and the results were remarkable, 75% selection in IIT Mains and more than 20% selection in IIT Advance which includes All India IIT-JEE Advance, 2017 Mathematics topper and much more. Not just IIT JEE, outstanding results are seen in WB JEE too starting with 5th Rank, Arnab Jana.

Commenting on the success, Rohit Singh, InnovED Global Private Limited, Founder and Managing Director, said “Result was a combined effort of Student’s hard work, technology, and right guidance and I believe any student can qualify IIT JEE exam if he has all 3 with him/her. “

EduPace Academy has already signed a 200,000 USD contract with InnovED Global. In terms of expansion, for this year the focus will be to expand in the B2B segment but the B2C segment is a huge potential as well.

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