The inspirational story of how a sex worker’s daughter from Kamathipura turned her life around by playing drums

11796289_803640403067437_9198965740820171423_nSheetal Jain is a 22-year-old- girl from Kamathipura, rescued by Robin Chaurasiya via Kranti. Her earliest memories were of women soliciting customers and taxis lining up outside her house.

Sheetal’s mother was a bar dancer. Every other night, she would return with a different man. One of those men became her partner and Sheetal’s stepfather. There were times when he touched her in ways she was not sure was appropriate. When this went on, Sheetal flew away from that place and took a shelter at Karanti, an NGO dedicated to empower the children of sex workers.

Today, those lane houses a metal workshop, a shoemaking workshop and an open space where large bundles of clothes piled up. A few houses in the lane look like private residences, the kinds that double up as brothels.

And of course, Sheetal is not with her mom as well. She went miles away from where she started out. Washington DC, to be precise, where she has completed a course in drumming at the Levine School of Music for a year. Music, especially drumming was in her blood from child hood, she is a great lover of music. She was the first girl from Kamathipura to go abroad to study an instrument.

After completing the course, she is now a drum circle facilitator with Pune-based Taal organisation.

Today, Sheetal is open about her past. She has spoken, on several platforms, about being sexually abused, including at One Billion Rising, the global campaign to end violence against women and promote gender equality.

As part of Kranti, Sheetal has travelled the country attending workshops, giving lectures and sharing her experiences. Robin along with Kranti found fund for her higher studies via social media campaigning.

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