Right from day one, plan for the next four years and study: Junaid Khateeb wants to tell engineering students

jkIn an interview with The Education Post, Junaid Khateeb, Founder & CEO of Khateeb Engineering Classes, talks about the new trends in engineering education and the way to go ahead

What is the biggest problem that students face these days?

Lots of students, especially engineering students, have so much on their minds that they cannot focus solely on their core engineering studies.

They have internships to do, certification programs, preparation for entrance exams like CAT, CET, GRE, TOEFL etc. The last thing that they want to do is, keep travelling distances for attending coaching classes.

How is Junkminds.com helping them out?    

Junkminds brings to them University specific courses right into their homes. Junkminds also provides printed study material to the students and this helps them study the traditional and the more preferred way and that too at their homes.

Tell us something about this test.         

The test has been designed to test the basic skills of the students in Maths, Physics, Logic and Reasoning. The idea is to gauge the basic knowledge and the skill set that the student has. Every question is designed in such a manner that it would help us gauge the inclination that the student has towards a branch. The results are not just based on the number of correct answers, but which questions the students get correctly also matter in the final analysis.

How does it help a student to decide the engineering branch?        

Every branch of engineering needs a different set of skills. Like Mechanical and civil branches rely heavily on your understanding of physics. Computer and IT engineering needs good logic and reasoning skills. Electronics and telecommunication need more of mathematics etc. This is something that the student doesn’t know. Hence, the test, depending on the answers submitted by the students tried to gauge their strengths and weaknesses and then based on that suggested the suitable branch.

What is the strength of Khateeb Engineering Classes?         

Khateeb Engineering Classes has always been one of the first institutes that promoted informal teaching. Our teaching methodology has always been very unlike the traditional classroom teaching. The concepts need to be understood and studies need to be done with a long term plan and this is exactly how we guide our students. We offer all computer /I.T. engineering subjects with practicals, which lot of engineering classes still don’t do in Mumbai.

How many students have taken this test so far?

About 900 students have taken this test so far.

Any key message you would like to give to the students.

In today’s scenario, getting into Engineering is easy, but making a great career out of it is very difficult. Right from day one, plan for the next four years and study. A casual approach will bring lot of struggles later.


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