Meet Dr Jyoti Lamba, the woman behind Gujarat’s toilet revolution



Spearheading a social revolution, Dr. Lamba is educating the people of Gujarat about the importance of hygienic toilets, and she made around 6000 toilets in her place

What are the major problems that hamper the growth of Indian society? One may say, economic inequality, or lack of education. Both answers are right in their own way. But when we ask this question to Dr Jyoti Lamba, a professor at Ahmadabad University, she will say, lack of access to basic infrastructure, especially hygienic toilets.  Dr Jyoti Lamba is the one who is primarily the woman behind the toilet revolution in Gujarat.

Dr. Lamba is on a mission to make awareness among the people of Gujarat about the importance of hygienic toilets, and she made around 6000 toilets in her place. The story of this real humanitarian is so inspiring and motivating. Here goes the story of her committed social service in her own words appeared on the Facebook page of Humans Of Amdavad

“Since last three decades, I am a professor at one of the most prestigious University in the city. Teaching and interacting with students is something which has always made me happy and my life also used revolve around them, until Gandhi Padyatra happened to me in the year 2013. Our university had organised a Gandhi Padyatra where students and faculties visit villages and understand about their problems. During the visit to different villages, I realized that villagers don’t have toilets in the villages and women are the most affected.

Women have to wait till evening, until it gets dark to go for loo and this really saddened me. Once we were back from the trip, our Vice Chancellor Dr Sudarshan Iyengar called and asked me to start a project of building toilets in the villages. This was a huge opportunity to serve my Nation and be a part of making my mother earth clean so I immediately agreed. In January, 2013, I started my journey of educating and encouraging villagers of Gujarat to build toilet in their homes. Villages were in a big mess and no one was ready to build toilets and as a woman it was tough for me to explain the male villagers about the benefits of having a toilet in their house.

It took me seven months to convince villagers to build toilets under the Government Program. It has been 4 years since I have been doing this work without taking a day off and so far, I have helped build 6000 toilets in 34 villages of Gujarat. I have helped build toilets in those villages where there wasn’t a single toilet since Independence. In many villages, I also kept competition stating those who will build toilets will get prize from me. I buy such prizes from my own savings by cutting down my personal expenses.

There have been people who have laughed at me saying look how lower work this professor is doing, but that doesn’t stop me because for them it might be lower work but for me it’s an opportunity to serve my Nation. I can’t thank enough to our Prime Minister for boosting this campaign and making it our National Agenda due to which I am able to encourage more and more villagers to build toilets in their home.


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