You just need the grit, determination and a true heart to pursue your passion; Gidwani proves it


Pankhuri Gidwani/Facebook

Pankhuri Gidwani/Facebook

It’s really an intriguing story. Lucknow girl Pankhuri Gidwani has scored 97.25% in the ISC examination, 2017 . And the interesting factor is that she was the second runner-up in the Miss India contest.

“97.25! It is. So there is something I would like all my friends and followers to know 🙂 i had missed my board examinations for participating in Miss India (at 18) and after winning Miss India 2nd Runners Up,I had to train for Miss Grand International and received the 25th position out of 80 countries,” she says in a Facebook post.

“After coming back from the pageant, I battled a number of hard situations, one of them getting adjusted to studying again after a year of glamour. I put my all into it, and this is the result I came forth with 🙂 So all the people out there who think that something they want is impossible to accomplish, whether it is academics, your dreams or the love you want, you can achieve it all, just have the grit, determination and a true heart to pursue it all,” Gidwani says.

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