Educating one woman is like educating an entire generation, Samsung ad goes viral


samsungindiaStill, conventional minds in rural India believe that women need not to be educated. The latest Samsung ad, based on their CSR initiative, Samsung Technical University, is going viral on internet because of its strong theme about women’s education.

The ad shows a girl’s challenge to gain education and how an after education changes mindset of her natives.

A large section of Indian villagers still believes that girls are weak and girls are a liability to parents and family. Educating a girl is a stupid thing and waste of money. A girl is always best suited in the kitchen. They also believe that, having a boy is better than having a girl. Samsung ad stands against all these.

The company has been involved in initiatives to support education of the girl child. Earlier they had distributed LED lanterns to Indian villages.

“Samsung cares for the dreams of girls in India. Seema Nagar who hails from a small village in Rajasthan courageously defied gender stereotypes and pursued training at Samsung Technical School in ITI, Jaipur,” the company shared on You Tube. As a result, she has bigger dreams and become an inspiration to many underprivileged women. Watch and share her inspiring story,”  The ad is going viral on the tag #SapneHueBade.”

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