Come…let’s escape with ESCAPE!


Indu Krishna/Facebook

Indu Krishna/Facebook

Everyone loves to travel, passionate about exploring new places, energetic about having fun with the unexpected experiences a journey offers. Experiencing new tastes and move on with the nature might be in the dreams of all. Women must have special attachment to the journeys they made.

For men, it’s easy to plan and execute a trip. But if it’s a woman alone, things may be different. As our society still remains in the chains of male-dominated thinking, safety concerns are high for a woman who’s travelling alone. And, because of this so-called safety issues and hypocritical hullaballoo, most of the ordinary women have a tendency to discard their travel dreams. But, Indu Krishna, an young entrepreneur from Kochi, is here to help them.

This girl has come up with a novel idea of women’s only travel initiative, and for all good reasons, it’s gaining momentum in the city. Escape Now, that’s the name she has given to her startup, is calling women to have en escape with their travel dreams.

Escape is a travel platform which allows women to explore new places. “Escape conducts journeys exclusively for women in frequent intervals,” Indu tells The Education Post. Know this venture in Indu’s words:

What’s Escape all about?

Escape was started in the year 2015. Everyone loves to travel, especially women, but they don’t get a chance to move on with their passion due to security issues. Here Escape takes care of the solid responsibility to provide them a safe journey to their favorite destinations. In September 2015, we started off with a Facebook page, and the feedback was overwhelming. By then, we started a website called on the international women’s day (March 8) of 2016.

Now we have registered the venture as a Private Limited company. We arrange trips mainly as fixed destination packages so far, and do tailor-made packages for women-only groups according to their choice.


About team Escape.

‘Officially’ there’s one more director along with me in the company.  There’re a lot of efforts from my friends and well-wishers in the short journey of Escape. It’s because of all that, Escape is what today.

Why one should prefer Escape?

As there’re thousands of holiday-making companies functioning here, why one should choose us is a vital question. Our idea, being so unique, of creating a traveling womanhood was never easy. Maybe that alone says why we are special.es1

On the safety measures

Safety is the major problem when it comes to travel. Our professional and organized approach to holidaymaking, which we call an art, let you feel relaxed on your safety. Our guidance will be there, whether you’re climbing up on a mountain or cut loose to escape into a forest. So nothing to worry about safety as we are connected with the women travel community.

Future plans

Our goal is to get as many into the spirit of traveling and get the future generations to follow. Venturing into a travel business means a lot to us, we should be the ultimate holidaymakers.

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