He paid me for listening to his science class, not for sex; this sex worker has an interesting story to tell

GMB Akash/Facebook
GMB Akash/Facebook
GMB Akash/Facebook

Life of a sex worker is not that easy as you think. Those who’re into this profession may get in touch with people with weird thoughts, strange behaviour, and bizarre passions.

Most of them will come to a woman sex worker for an hour or two. What all they want is single thing, sex.

But, here’s a story with difference.  Beauty, a sex worker based in Mumbai, shares her experience with one of her customers, who paid her to listening his science classes instead of having sex.

The story of Beauty is shared on the Facebook page of renowned photographer GMB Akash.

Here’re the words of Beauty which appeared on the Facebook page

Everyone was afraid of him. Because no one has time to listen to lecture. And he was a science guy. He spoke about sun and planets. He wanted me to learn physics, biology, chemistry and subjects that I hardly can pronounce. May be I was one of the world’s living prostitute who get paid for listening to science. His eyes sparked when he talked about weird theories. Often times he wondered if I was learning everything he was teaching me.

I am a whore; I easily understand Physics and Biology, but Chemistry isn’t my subject. The day I understood professor fell in love with me, I stopped meeting him. I do not want anyone to call me Helium or anything that I might start to like secretly. I want to live inside my shell. I do not want my heart to suffer for chemistry again. The day I last met him I told the theory he never read in books, that is, ‘Do not attach to love, because the Biology of Love never survives long.’

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