Wonder kid, she is just 5-year-old, but over 400 songs to her credit!

TanviTanvi Hari, a 5-year-old Malayali girl, is creating waves in music, and earned the title of wonder kid in music fraternity.

For what, just look at this awesome statistics. She sang more than 400 songs within this short period of her life. What a kid she is.

Tanvi, daughter of Ramya Hari, a music teacher hails from Kannur district of Kerala who has settled in Bahrain and Hari from Kasargod, used to sing from the age of one. It was Ramya who noted that this young wonder has a special attraction towards music. Tanvi was born and brought up in music. And when her parents realized that she had a taste in music, they provided her official training from the very beginning.

Tanvi with her parents Hari and Ramya
Tanvi with her parents Hari and Ramya

Tanvi debuted on stage at the age of two. Since then she has become a prominent part of her mother’s music shows. Later, she became part of New Beats Voice, a music band active in Bahrain. Tanvi has completed over 200 stage programmes so far.

Tanvi has 20 solo music performance with in the age of 5.Her house is always filled with music. ”I always want to hear music; I want to sing lots of songs, especially classical music. Amma always sings for me, like that, I also wanted to sing for her,” Tanvi tells The Education Post.

We are always very supportive to our kid, but never compel her to concentrate in music, it’s her taste, and her choice- says Ramya Hari, Tanvi’s mother.

Little Tanvi likes the songs of K S Chithra and Lata Mangeshkar.

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