‘Good girl definitely does not masturbate’. Young poet smashes patriarchy  

Image/Facebook/Sowmya Vidyadhar


Image/Facebook/Sowmya Vidyadhar
Image/Facebook/Sowmya Vidyadhar

Are you a good girl? If you are a male, what about your wife or girl friend? Are they good? What are the criteria for being a good girl in patriarchal societies? A silent girl without colourful dreams of life, love or sex might be the criteria. Yes, this is how our society describes the character of a woman.

The worst part is that most of the women have no issues with this treatment. Yes, this is the fundamental reason behind all those bad experiences that women face in our society.

It should be changed, and that change should be spearheaded by woman herself, this is what a young, talented poet from Kerala wants to tell through her writings.

Meet Sowmya Vidyadhar, an English poet, who was born and brought up in Bangalore, and currently based in Thrissur district of Kerala. Sowmya’s experience as a copy editor for online magazines and publishing companies gave her an outlook about the male-centric society.

The basic reason for this male domination is woman herself; she doesn’t realize her inner power. Sowmya, though her poems, have been imparting the idea about woman power to the masses. Through her powerful poetry, she is motivating our society and telling the woman to enjoy her womanhood.

Recently she had criticized the concept of character analysis through her poem, starts with ‘A good girl does not have fantasies’. The poem went viral on social media.


A good girl does not have fantasies

Or love or dreams or sex

A good girl does not sit with her legs apart

A good girl plays hard to get.

A good girl does not wear her hair short

A good girl must not swear

A good girl must not be promiscuous

Oh she mustn’t, she mustn’t dare!

A good girl does not talk aloud

She definitely does not masturbate

A good girl does not have large breasts

But then small ones also aren’t too great

A good girl is not ugly or fat

A good girl is rare.

A good girl does not talk about her sexuality

That is unnecessary, and practically not there.

Yes, women should show the courage to react against the denial of her rights. She should have the freedom to explore herself. She should be free enough to express her feelings.

Sowmya, who have been into writing from the age of 10, says upbringing plays a vital role in defining a person’s character and his attitude towards women. So that, as a women and mother of two beautiful daughters, Sana and Prakruthi, Sowmya Vidyadhar always tries to bring up them with cultural values, which can positively contribute to the society.

”If we women don’t write for our gender, who will? The second thing that comes into my poem is caste.  I absolutely abhor the system of caste differentiation,” says Sowmya Vidhyadhar tells The Education Post.

Following is the text of Sowmya’s another poem which has seized the minds of netizens

The moon

A learned hermit.

The lone traveler of the sky.

He waits on a white chariot for his lady, the night.

She comes to him

From across the seven seas

Riding a giant black steed.

Their sweat fills the air with

The bitter sweet smell of lovemaking;

Their moans lost among the

Deafening sound of the hooves;

And in that ecstatic moment before separation

They give birth to a bloody sun.

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