Poem: In my dreams

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by Parvathi Vinod

With a bouquet of flowers
From heaven
You came before me
For a moment in ablaze
Abound with love
In deep heart core
With a sought of candour
It was you
The most beautiful creation of god
With a melodious music
With a crude lump of gem
Spreading the light
Of material and spiritual values
In a mesmerized island of love and care
Like a solace
Appeared before me in my dream
Oh,it was a gloomy night
With a sombre mood
Abound of feeling
At all cost
It was an uphiltask
A left handed compliment
It was just a silver lining
In dark cloud
Like a bee in ones bonnet
Like a bird of passage
By hook or by crook
Blessing in disguise
Dream disappeared
Wgeeping my tears
But it was a yeoman’s service
Shining forth brilliantly..
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